The Peak District is highly renowned across the world for its undulating landscape and dramatic limestone crags. It’s therefore no wonder that Derbyshire is one of the most visited counties in the UK for hikers and adventurers, but what else does it have to offer? Here are 5 lesser known reasons to visit Derbyshire.

  1. Try A World Famous Bakewell Tart

It will come as little surprise that the humble Bakewell tart was born in the little town of Bakewell. A lesser known fact is that the original dessert is actually referred to as a Bakewell pudding, with The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop having served the community since 1865. It is said to have been serendipitously created by accident, after a cook misread the instructions for making a jam tart.

  1. Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House is one of the most famous and spectacular stately homes in England, widely celebrated as Britain’s favourite country house. Home to around 300,000 visitors per year, the Chatsworth Estate stretches across a whopping 35,000 acres of gorgeous fields and woodland, with 105 acres of stately gardens. Famed for Elizabeth Bennet’s visit in Jane Austin’s renowned novel, Pride and Prejudice, and in turn as a key filming location in the 2005 film adaptation of the book, Chatsworth is a top destination for lovers of period drama. Home to the Cavendish family since 1549, the house and gardens are open to the public year-round, containing an historically important collection of artwork and neoclassical sculptures, punctuated by a number of more modern pieces belonging to the family.

  1. Charming Architecture

The gorgeous architecture of the county is, in itself, a reason to visit. With homes taking their inspiration and materials from their surroundings, the streets are lined with traditional cottages made from limestone and sandstone, making for a unique and charming feel. With a number of beautiful holiday cottages in the picturesque peak district, it makes a perfect romantic getaway destination for couples, or a great place for a family adventure. Holiday cottages make it possible for holidaymakers to get a real taste of the area and see what it’s like to live like a local. From converted barns to Georgian homes with original features, there’s no shortage of stunning options to make yourself at home.

  1. The Crooked Spire of Chesterfield

Chesterfield Church elicits a double-take from most visitors for its striking twisted and leaning spire. Legend has it that the Devil himself seated himself atop the spire whilst causing mischief in the city, wrapping his tail around the tower and bending it out of shape. In reality, it is thought that the lead covering of the spire is the cause of the twisting spectacle…but let’s not spoil the fun. The medieval church, dating back to the 14th century, is Grade I listed and open to the public daily, except for Sundays. The tower can be climbed part way, providing spectacular views of the surrounding landscape on a clear day.

  1. The Bakewell Show

Aside from delicious baked goods, the town of Bakewell is also home to the annual Bakewell Show, a key event for local farmers and a great day out for the family. Established in 1819, the 2 day agricultural show is held each year in August, and showcases various livestock, equestrian show jumping, farm products, home crafts and even vintage motorcycles.

There’s little point in booking an overseas holiday with so much to see and explore at home, and the Peak District is the ideal place to unwind.