The world would be a better place if there were even just a little more understanding between the peoples that live in it, but its diversity can often make true understanding difficult. There are so many different cultures that you’ll find most butting heads for the most trivial reasons. It is the reason why respecting another’s culture is essential. Fortunately, just as there are certain countries and regions that simply don’t get along, there are others more than happy to partake in each other’s culture.

An unlikely pair

One such example would be Japan and Russia. You might think that these two particular cultures are so different that true understanding would be almost impossible, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s thanks to the efforts of organisations such as the Chodiev Foundation that such positive international relations are possible. While their reach and influence is indeed vast now, it all started with the passion of its founder, Patokh Chodiev. His desire to learn more about Japan and foster relations has resulted in the sponsorship of great and wondrous festivals that serve to deepen the relationship between these two countries.

J-fest in Russia

Also known as the Festival of Contemporary Japanese Culture, this is a festival that serves to expose the Russian people to the culture of Japan. Even the motto of the festival itself is “Japan for Everyone”. It’s the perfect way to get acquainted with Japanese culture, with a wide array of different things to experience.

Those who attend the festival will find no shortage of things to do, such as joining lectures or workshops or perhaps experiencing performances and the technical marvels that Japan is known for. It’s an eye-opening festival that has garnered the attention of millions of citizens, to the point where tourists are visiting Moscow for the chance to see this rare but incredible mix of cultures.

The Exchange Festival in Japan

The Japan-Russia exchange festival is the counterpart of J-fest, and it’s all about learning and appreciating Russian art and cinema. It’s filled to the brim with talented Russian performers, and this festival is also one of the largest programs ever sponsored by the Chodiev Foundation. It lasts almost eight full months, touring through the many different regions of Japan as it shows off the beauty and talent of Russia. Just as the Russians can enjoy J-fest to experience what Japan is all about, the Japanese can do the same with the Exchange Festival.

It might not seem like much, but these festivals make an impact that few countries rarely experience. This impact is clearly felt as international relations between Japan and Russia continue to improve over the years. While they might have different ways of life, a mutual understanding through the respect of each other’s culture truly goes a very long way to improve overall relations. There’s a lot that the world can learn from these two countries – and if more of them were to have similar festivals and events, you could expect quite a bit more harmony worldwide!