Grand Cayman is a great location for a getaway, as well as a family vacation. The island is small and not crowded, peaceful, and offers a wealth of places and activities that you can explore in a comfortable car rented from one of the top Caribbean car rental companies.

Below are some places to visit in a rental car, which you can conveniently pick up at a Cayman airport car rental in George Town. These sights will give you a taste of Cayman life and help you learn more about the islands’ rich heritage.

  • Seven Mile Beach

Listed as the fifth best beach in TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Travelers’ Choice Beaches in the World, Seven Mile Beach is at the heart of Grand Cayman. Known for its pristine, turquoise water, calm waves and white sand, as well as the best place to watch the sun set, Seven Mile Beach is popular with tourists and locals alike. It stretches for miles along the waterfront, so it never feels too crowded.  Don your flip-flops and beachwear and make it your first stop in Cayman.

Many popular hotels and condos line the beach, and shopping and restaurants are all close by. For your convenience, Seven Mile Beach car rental is available, so book your car today to take advantage of some of the many popular attractions in Grand Cayman:

  • Cayman Islands National Museum

If you are keen on discovering all aspects of Caymanian heritage, a visit to the Cayman Islands National Museum in downtown George Town is a must. The museum houses more than 9,000 artefacts, and is described as the living connection to Cayman’s past. Learn about catboats, archaeology and art of the islands, and attend one of the many special events. The museum is about a 15-minute drive from Seven Mile Beach, and there are shops and restaurants nearby, so plan a full day of activities downtown.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

This popular park features lush, colourful gardens, and allows visitors to experience the islands’ heritage at a traditional Caymanian cottage, and to see the treasured blue iguana, a species found only in Grand Cayman. The garden is a leisurely 33-minute ride from the Cayman Islands National Museum in downtown George Town, sohop into your rental car and off you go.

  • Cayman Crystal Caves

A 5-minute drive from Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park brings you to Cayman Crystal Caves, which  feature more than 100 caves in a tropical area of North Side. The  stalagmite and stalactite crystal structures, formed by drops of water over long periods of time, are fascinating to see in the cool confines of the caves. Note: All visitors receive guided walking tours, and tours must be pre-booked.

  • Hell

A place as fascinating as its name will not fail to astonish you. The black limestone foundations cover almost as much territory as a soccer field. These ironstone formations were created over millions of years and draw curious tourists year-round. Always popular: Surprise your friends or family by sending a postcard from Hell with your photograph in it. Located in West Bay, Hell is easily reached by rental car.

In order to explore all of these fascinating places, be sure to reserve a car, SUV or even a Jeep rental in Grand Cayman. The comfort and convenience of having your own vehicle Is the best way to get the most out of your visit to Cayman.

So, book your rental car and have a fantastic vacation in Grand Cayman!