If you are in Indonesia for any reason, you CANNOT skip Bali. Over the years, Bali has emerged as one of the best destinations for honeymooners and backpackers alike, thanks to incredible beaches, happening nightlife, unparalleled landscape and lip-smacking food. On your first trip, you have probably planned a lot of things, but don’t miss these 10 tips!

  • Don’t fear ‘Bali belly’. No, you won’t get a stomach infection in Bali, even if you gorge on street food. The situation has changed, and there is something for every kind of foodie.

  • Dress appropriately. Yes, you can do the perfect beachwear here, but this is also a religious place, and therefore, it is recommended that you dress aptly for temples. Cover your knees and shoulders.
  • Pack right. For most parts of the year, temperatures are around 32 degrees, so be careful of your dresses and outfits. Cotton is surely the best bet and do include a few shorts and pajamas.
  • Be careful with shopping. From handicrafts to special items, there are a bunch of things you can shop in Bali, but expect haggling and bargaining, at least on the streets. Check the bigger stores for sales if you can.

  • Travel safely. It is possible to rent a bike in Bali, which is the easiest way to get around on a backpacking trip, but if you are with a large group, go for Bluebird taxis, which are metered and quite cheap.
  • Be careful around wildlife. Monkeys in Bali are famous in wrong ways, mainly because they tend to steal things. Do not approach them with food, and make sure you are not wearing a lot of accessories.
  • Drugs are a strict “no”. Bali is very specific with drug policies, and the penalty here is death. You heard that right, so better not mess with it.

  • Citizens of 169 countries can get Visa on Arrival in Bali for a period of 30 days, after which it is non-extendable and cannot be transferred. For other countries, a payment of USD 35 is required.
  • If you want to drive a bike or a car here, you need International drivers’ license. Check the local laws before renting.

Plan your Bali vacation now!