When you’re in London, trying to get the most out of the exquisite city can take a toll on your bank account. You have to be smart about where and when to spend. Not only must you pay attention to the things you buy, but you also have to think of ways to save money. Here, we’ll show you some money saving tips that will get you the best experience possible in London.

  1. Walk when you can. When you can, leg it around London. Some tourist spots are close to one another that you don’t have to keep coughing up money. You just have to plan your itinerary well so that all the places you want to go can be accessible from one to another. Sometimes, it is even faster to walk from station to station, especially when the rush hour strikes.
  2. Buy your tickets online. Get your tickets at a cheaper price when you book online. Online prices most likely drop to attract more tourists to purchase them in advance. So be one of the first to line up and click the button to get bigger savings.
  3. Visit free attractions. Nothing is better than getting free stuff! Go to all the places with free admission. Most likely, you don’t have to shell out anything to get the most out of your experience in London. Get into museums such as the British Museum and the National History Museum, beautiful parks such as the famous Hyde Park, historic palaces and art galleries.
  4. Go bargain shopping. Go to flea markets to get cheaper prices for goods. There are many affordable shopping centres you can choose from in London. Haggle to your heart’s content to get the best deals for yourself.
  5. Go to budget-friendly eateries. Go through London without needing to spend much on your food. Take a walk around and eat at fast food chains, diners or all you can eat buffets. You can also grab a bite from the various food trucks scattering the busy streets of London. If you really need to save money, go to a convenience store or a supermarket. You can buy or cook your food, so you can cut your spending.
  6. Work on a budget for each day. You can stop yourself from overspending when you set a strict budget for each day in London. Still, you must set aside emergency money just in case you get lost.
  7. Try aparthotels. Give yourself the break you need without spending a lot of money. Aparthotels get you the best of both worlds. They are significantly cheaper than hotels, but theygive you the same (and more) amenities. Aparthotels also give you the flexibility and freedom to choose your length of stay, whether it’s just a few days, a few weeks, a month or even a year.

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Image: Pixabay.com