Sydney is the jewel in Australia’s crown and boasts some of the most iconic sights in the nation. Beautiful Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour bridge create a spectacular view like none other. It is here that millions of international tourists flock every year. If you’re stuck for an idea for your loved one, why not take a cruise around Sydney Harbour?

Recreating the Old Days

If you’re looking for something truly romantic to do for your beloved partner, a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise offers something very special. Here are just some of the great reasons why you might want to consider booking such a special cruise:

  • Atmosphere: Just imagine what the first settlers to this part of the country saw when they sailed into the natural harbour in their wooden ships. It would truly have been a spectacular sight. Even though there has been much development since that time, it’s still possible to relive some of that experience by booking a twilight dinner cruise onboard a wooden ship that has been lovingly recreated. The atmosphere of such a cruise would be astounding and would be a fantastic way to spend time with a loved one.
  • See the harbour: Modern Sydney harbour is full of life and lights. A twilight cruise provides the perfect way to see the harbour all lit It also provides a great backdrop for romantic selfies with your loved one.
  • Dinner and drinks: If you’re a little tired of going to the same old places for dinner, how about an expertly-prepared three course dinner on a wooden cruise ship? It’s not just a great way to see Sydney harbour, but also a great way to get away from the same tired routine and have dinner in a truly different setting.
  • Climb the mast: Some cruise packages also include a mast climb. This would really suit someone who wants to experience what it’s like to see Sydney Harbour from the point of view of a crow’s n It would be a unique experience like none other.

Do Something Different for Your Loved One

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to doing things for our loved ones. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or Valentine’s celebration, why not see iconic Sydney Harbour in the way that it was intended to be seen? It’s easy enough to walk around the harbour, but seeing it from the deck of a wooden ship that has been lovingly crafted and recreated as homage to the First Fleet really is the only way to do it justice.

Sydney is Australia’s most iconic city and Sydney harbour is the jewel in the crown of this internationally-renowned city. Cruising the harbour and seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and the lights of the city at twilight is just a single booking away and would be a great way to spend a romantic evening.