Hiking and back packing with children is extremely enjoyable, but I’ve discovered you need to adjust your mindset somewhat, you have to learn to Adventure Hike.

As adults, we are Destination Hikers. We go and ongoing until we achieve the destination, the waterfall, flower field, ghost town, or lake. The objective of the hike is to buy towards the destination, regardless of what. This attitude got us into trouble a few years ago when our desire to have the destination overpowered our good sense.

Just how does hiking with children really make a difference? First, they’re usually not physically capable of going the space towards the usual adult destinations. So, either pick a nearby destination that isn’t too much or too steep or go only partway after which change.

With kids, you have to be with an Adventure Hike. What’s that? A Journey Hike is much like The Bear Went Within the Mountain – To Determine What He Often See. What exactly do kids want to see once they hike within the mountain? Take your pick! Water – any type of water, waterfall, lake, stream, pond. Bugs – any type of bugs, spiders, ticks, beetles, bees. Flowers – flowers in most shapes, sizes, and colours. Rocks – rocks to sit down on, to leap from, to throw, and to set up your wallet for the collection. Caves – every cave, regardless of how small or big must be explored not less than 2-3 ft beyond the entrance. I’ve discovered that the 100 yard Adventure Hike with bugs, rocks, and water is a lot more fun than the usual five mile Destination Hike once the Destination Hike offers just the consolation of “Yeah, I managed to get”. (Obviously, a mix of Adventure and Destination is completely the very best in hiking).

Geocaching can also be an enjoyable experience for children. A Geocach is really a “treasure” left by someone else in a specific site with recorded Gps navigation coordinates. Use the internet to among the geocaching sites and download a geocach site in your town with Gps navigation coordinates after which follow your Hiking Gps navigation to locate your hidden treasure. Kids love this adventure.

Therefore the lesson I have learned while hiking with my grand children, would be to slow lower, explore, and relish the adventure. This can be a duration of understanding my grandchildren better. And, a journey Hike is one thing the kids will remember for many years.