Hiking is probably one of the most favorite things to do for many people. If you are a parent and love hiking, then leaving your children while hiking could be difficult. You would never want to let you children feel left out, would you? Why not involve your kids as well in this adventurous sport? All you need to take a few precautions and train your kids. Let’s look into the possibilities here.

Preparing your children for randonnée en famille is good. They will learn the hardship of life in the longer run, and also the ways to overcome it.  Here are a few things you need to pack and keep in mind before starting the hike with your kids:

  • Choose a ‘Spotter’ – He could be anyone from your family, neighbor or from the group. Instruct your children to follow the guidelines of the spotter. Also, do tell the spotter the trails you are going to hike and also how many people in total are doing this. Click a family picture of you and circulate it among the group and also to the spotter. He would be able to spot your kids in case they get lost inside the massive hiking location.
  • Invest in good shoes – Fancy shoes can definitely make your kids look cuter, but safety is what you are looking for and not the cuteness. Invest in good hiking shoes for you and your kids. These shoes are designed in a way that keeps the shoes firm to the ground. They can save you from slipping or falling down while hiking. That’s the last thing you would want to happen to your kids, isn’t it?
  • – Kids get hungrier faster in comparison to adults. A hungry stomach will feel no energy in climbing the mountains. Therefore, pack sufficient food and water with you before starting the hike. If possible, pack a little extra of those foods that are light in weight. Energy bars and dry-fruits make great hiking food. Keep sufficient of those in your kids’ backpack.

Don’t be afraid of trying it. It may look a little intimidating in the beginning but your kids are going to love it slowly. Having said that, always keep your kids’ capabilities in mind. Don’t be too harsh on them. Let me hike as much as they want. If they do not want to climb more in a day, then be easy on them. You should push them just a little bit, sufficient enough to motivate them but make sure it doesn’t become a torture for them.