Bath bomb is used to give aroma with those essential oils included in it. It is dropped in the tub where it dissolves and the color in it mixes with water. It helps you to relax at the end of the day, once you are done with your hectic life. It gives you an experience of spa in your daily life even if you don’t visit one frequently.

When you dip a bath bomb into the tub, it makes a fizzy sound and you can experience bubbles in water. There is your favorite color that spreads all over the water and with the fizz, you feel slight tickling in your nerves. Today, bath bombs help in relaxing sore muscles, joint pain, cramps and depression. It helps in keeping your skin moist because of oil like almond or olive, mixed in it.

They are made of ingredients like –

  • Food color is used to enhance its color and you can pick one that appeals you the most.
  • Corn Starch is used to bind it into a ball.
  • Citric acid and Baking soda is used to give that fizz when it comes in contact with water.
  • Herbs are used for medicinal purpose to reduce pain in joints or release stress.
  • Essential oils have their own aroma and some medicinal benefits like making your skin soft or rejuvenating your skin.

There are many ways of using bath bomb, let me discuss few steps –

  • Pour lukewarm water into the tub, temperature should be something that you can adjust with. Soak the bomb into it and sit in bath tub to enjoy the fizz formation.
  • Lie peacefully in your tub and let the bombs work with the essential oils and aroma. The aroma that you breathe in relaxes your mind and makes you dizzy after a hectic day.
  • Once you’re done taking bath come out of tub and take shower, use your daily soap to remove fizz and wipe off dry with a towel. Then apply moisturizer to keep your skin soft.

There are few things that you need to remember –

  • Bath bomb’s life is not very long their fuzziness goes away with time, so ensure that you have latest bombs in your shelf.
  • The food color added to it will not affect your hair, but if the bomb doesn’t have surfactant then you will have to clean yourself nicely after using it.

They are very mild in nature and can be used even on a sensitive skin. If you want there are many shops that can help you in customizing your bath bomb by selecting the color of your choice.