It can sometimes be difficult to imagine two very different countries getting along. After all, even simple misunderstandings can turn into outright conflict when it comes to countries that have very different ways of life. In the case of Japan and especially Russia, it can be tough to imagine how these two could possibly have anything in common. However, it’s a fact that they have so many differences in culture that it’s almost fascinating to them. One man was able to turn this fascination into something more and help improve relations and diplomatic ties between these two countries, one step at a time.

Enter Dr Patokh Chodiev, a talented businessman, author, diplomat and philanthropist. This individual is responsible for the founding of Eurasia Insurance, as well as Eurasian Bank. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also responsible for helping bridge the gap between Japan and Russia, creating a harmony that continues to this day. Through the International Chodiev Foundation, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that the beauty and mysticism of Japanese culture are spread across Russia and the world. He’s also made sure that Japan is able to enjoy many of the things that make Russian culture and arts so great.

J-fest, the Japanese festival in Moscow

It might be difficult to imagine a Japanese festival in Russia, but perhaps one of the biggest festivals in Moscow is known as J-fest. It’s the number one festival in Russia where the citizens can learn all about Japanese culture. From their arts to their technology, there are lectures and seminars all over the festival about some of the greatest Japanese inventions of modern day. There is also no shortage of concerts for anyone looking to have fun while learning all about these unique cultures. The Chodiev Foundation sponsors this event, and it continues to be a smash success with each new iteration.

The Exchange Festival in Japan

Similar to how Russia is able to enjoy Japanese culture in Moscow, the exact opposite is happening over in the land of the rising sun. Thanks to the help of Dr Patokh Chodiev’s organisation, a near eight-month long event occurs in Japan known as the Exchange – or Russian Days Festival. While the Japanese festival in Russia concentrates on workshops and technology, this particular festival focuses on Russia’s incredible performances in theatre and the arts. It’s a festival that occurs in nearly every region of Japan and is such a popular festival that people all over the world visit to be able to experience it.

To conclude, as a very honourable mention, there is also the Kubota Collection – showcasing some of the greatest kimonos that Japan has ever produced. Utilising the dying process known as Tsujigahana, the late Itchiku Kubota put his life and soul into each and every one of his pieces. The exhibit is also sponsored by the Chodiev Foundation and makes the rounds all over the world. It’s amazing to think how these events can make such an impact on the overall relations between the two countries.