Hans Christian Andersen wrote in his autobiography:

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

To gain all while you give,

To roam the roads of lands remote,

To travel is to live.”

Yes, exploring new places, discovering the world is indeed living. It can also get expensive, especially with a family in tow. How can you continue this great adventure as a family without drying up your bank account?

Travel Off-Season

Prices always go way up in the peak season. So why not travel during the off-season? You will get great deals on flights, hotels and many more.

Rent An Apartment

If you are planning to stay for a week or more, renting an apartment or a condo will be cheaper than going at a hotel.

Go Camping

Camping is very often the less expensive lodging option. While on vacation, we usually explore and visit during the day, so we only need a place to sleep at night. A camping ground or national park can do just the trick.

Cook In

Cut down on restaurants and cook in instead. You will save much money by preparing your meals. When planning a day out, pack lunches and bring water bottles.

Shop For Flight Deals

Many websites can help you find cheap flights. Check these regularly to spot the best deal. Have the funds available to book the trip when an opportunity arises. Whether by credit card or an same day loan, be ready to grab that deal. One thing to remember is that with most airlines, children under two years of age fly for free. Do not be too set on your destination. If you want to go to South America, keep an open mind about your final stop; a flight to Venezuela might be cheaper than one to Peru, or the other way around. Keeping your options open will get you the best deals, and you will have the chance to explore new regions of the world.

Family And Group Deals

Depending on how big your family is, check for family or group deals. They can save you money on different activities and package deals.

Use Alternative Transportation

Instead of renting a car, why not walk, ride a bike or take the bus? You will have the opportunity to experience the culture of the people there better, and it can make for fun days out exploring your surroundings.

Low Cost Of Living Destinations

When deciding on a travel destination, choose one where the cost of living is low, and the exchange rate is to your advantage. It will make for a cheaper trip all around.

Collect Memories

Although a few souvenirs might be fun to have, they can get expensive. Try to collect memories first and foremost. With digital cameras, you and your family can take hundreds of pictures at no cost at all. Upon your return home, you can choose the best ones, and print them. You can then frame them, or better yet, gather up the kids and have a scrapbooking day to make a memory book of your trip together.